About White Wolf Creations

Hello, all!

WWC is owned and operated by one person, myself, Diana Burton-Kellogg. I was born in Nov of 1981, lived most of my life in Springfield, MA, and now living in Arkansas with my husband, Bryan (Krimoral). My business started out from a single request to make a set of hand paws, tail, and ears back in 2002... and from there it just took off. I have, however, been drawing since as long as I could hold a pencil. :) It's always been my passion. And long before I found this intriguing genre of "animal-ness" (before internet in the home even existed, for that matter!), animals have always been my subject of choice, and I'd find myself drawing these animal cartoons with human attributes. I finally stumbled upon the furry fandom some time in the mid-late 90's, after Disney's The Lion King had been out, of which I was a die-hard fanatic, and it made me wonder if there were other crazy people like me. Lo-and-behold, I was not alone. From there I stumbled upon early photos from furry conventions that were held in the 90's. I was in awe that people were building these costumes by hand, to do nothing but romp around in them for fun.

"Wait, what's this furry fandom thing," you say? It can't really be put into just a few words, or even a few sentences. It means a number of different things to so many different people. As simply as I can put it... it's a group of people that come together to celebrate their common interest- whether by drawing, wearing full costumes or just a tail, or just generally hanging out and having fun. For some people it has a spiritual aspect, for others it's only a means of income, and for a few it's just a simple matter of, "Hey, that animal's cute". A great deal of furs find life easier/more enjoyable to express themselves through their animal counterparts.

Well what about me? As many know, my character is a wolf; a Newfoundland white wolf, to be exact. And she bears the name 'White Wolf'. Unoriginal, I know... but as I mentioned, I got into this way in the beginning, before I had any idea how vast the fandom was, or would ever be. Wolves have amazed me ever since I was a little kid, and have always been my favorite animal. Even as a young child, I had an unexplainable desire to want to be one... sometimes running around on all fours playing pretend. Now I am content to draw & create these characters for myself, and others. :)